RECON RIG TOUGH SERIES: $15.99 - $33.99

RECON RIG TOUGH SERIES: $15.99 - $33.99

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starting at $15.99 / pack(s)
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Nothing fancy but a simple design with unique features .... yet this Texas Style Decoy Rig system is built TOUGH with a stiffer line to take the abuse Waterfowlers put their gear through but comes with some unique features.

Available in two line colors - SMOKE GREEN and Clear.  Both are made of Siltlon monofilament duck decoy rig line rated at 400 lb test and using 2.3mm decoy line sleeves.

Available in lengths of 36, 48, 60 and 72  inches w/ either 4 oz or 6 oz weights.

Special Features  

Transport Loop!  Reduce rig line length by 50% for easier transport to and from the blind and for storing.

Sliding Line vs. Weight!   Eliminates issues with mud preventing the weight from sliding down the line.

Dry Hand Retrieval!   Throw Loop rest under the decoy keel for hands-dry access and quick recovery when retrieving decoys.


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