We are looking to grow our business and want to grow it with you. 

At Duck Recon, we are hunters FIRST and businessmen SECOND.   If you are a hunter seeking your own Dealership for waterfowl gear, an Outfitter/Guide Service seeking deep discounts on rigging plus additional revenue opportunity  ........ we want to partner with you. 


Duck Recon is looking for Online merchents that want to partner and offer our rigs in their store.  We offer several options for the merchent and we are confident that one will meet your needs.  No sales volume requirements.  We simply want to help others benefit as we grow within the waterfowl industry.


If you are an Outfitter or Guide Service, Duck Recon wants to work with you to get quality gear in your hands at a very reasonable cost.  Since you are a key resource for spreading the joy of waterfowling, we have created a special offer for deep discounts for those that qualify.


If interested, email and lets have a discussion.